Class CyJobStatus

  • public class CyJobStatus
    extends Object
    This object stores information about the status of a CyJob, including the actual job status (CyJobStatus.Status) and any message returned from the remote execution.

    Module: jobs-api

    To use this in your app, include the following dependency in your POM:

    • Method Detail

      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        Return any message associated with the job status.
        a message, or null if no message was included
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Return a string including the status and the message, if any.
        toString in class Object
        a string describing the status
      • isDone

        public boolean isDone()
        Static method to determine if a job is "done", where done means that it is no longer processing for any reason.
        status - the status to check
        true if the status indicates the job is done