Interface TableVisualMappingManager

  • public interface TableVisualMappingManager
    • Method Detail

      • setVisualStyle

        void setVisualStyle​(VisualStyle visualStyle,
                            View<CyColumn> viewModel)
        Set a VisualStyle to the target network view model.
        visualStyle - Visual Style to be set.
        networkViewModel - The target network view model.
      • getVisualStyle

        VisualStyle getVisualStyle​(View<CyColumn> viewModel)
        Returns the VisualStyle associated with the target network view model.
        VisualStyle associated with the network view model. This is always non-null value. If there is no mapping from given view model to a style, then default style will be used.
      • getAllVisualStyles

        Set<VisualStyle> getAllVisualStyles()
        Returns all available VisualStyles managed by this object.
        Set of all registered VisualStyles.
      • addVisualStyle

        void addVisualStyle​(VisualStyle visualStyle)
        Add a new VisualStyle to this manager.
        visualStyle - new visual style to be registered.
      • removeVisualStyle

        void removeVisualStyle​(VisualStyle visualStyle)
        Remove a VisualStyle from this manager.
        visualStyle - VisualStyle to be removed.
      • getDefaultVisualStyle

        VisualStyle getDefaultVisualStyle()
        Return default VisualStyle. This is just an empty visual style.
        default Visual Style.