Class PropertySheetUtil

  • public final class PropertySheetUtil
    extends Object
    Utility class to provide access to basic set of Visual Properties.

    Module: vizmap-gui-api

    To use this in your app, include the following dependency in your POM:


    Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (Static Class): This class is static and therefore can't be extended by users. This means that we may add methods for minor version updates. Methods will only be removed for major version updates.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PropertySheetUtil

        public PropertySheetUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • isBasic

        public static final boolean isBasic​(VisualProperty<?> vp)
        Check whether given Visual Property is categorized as Basic or not.
        vp - Visual Property to be checked
        true if it is a part of preset basic visual properties.
      • isAdvancedMode

        public static final boolean isAdvancedMode()
        Check the status of display mode
        true if it is in advanced mode.
      • setMode

        public static final void setMode​(boolean advanced)
        Switch the current display mode.
        advanced - If true, it is in advanced mode.
      • addBasicVisualProperty

        public static final void addBasicVisualProperty​(VisualProperty<?> vp)
        Add a new basic visual property. This will be used by Rendering Engine developers.
        vp - New Visual Property to be set as basic set.
      • isCompatible

        public static final Boolean isCompatible​(VisualProperty<?> vp)
        Returns true if given VisualProperty is compatible with current rendering engine.
        vp - VisualProperty to be tested
        true if compatible
      • removeIncompatibleVisualProperty

        public static final void removeIncompatibleVisualProperty​(VisualProperty<?> vp)
        Remove incompatible VisualProperty from list if new RenderingEngine can handle it. For example, default rendering engine (ding) is 2D rendering engine and cannot handle Z-coordinate, but if you add 3D renderer, you can remove NODE_DEPTH from the list.
        vp - VisualProperty to be removed from the incompatible list.