Interface TunableUIHelper

  • public interface TunableUIHelper

    Module: work-swing-api

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    Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (API Interface): We expect that this interface will be used but not implemented by developers using this interface. As such, we reserve the right to add methods to the interface as part of minor version upgrades. We will not remove methods for any changes other than major version upgrades.
    • Method Detail

      • getParent

        Window getParent()
        Get the parent of the current Tunable dialog. This may be used as the parent of a child dialog to avoid modality problems.
        the parent window
      • setModality

        void setModality​(Dialog.ModalityType modality)
        Set the modality of the parent dialog. By default, the Swing Tunable Dialog is APPLICATION_MODAL. This may not be ideal for circumstances where it's valid for the user to be able to manipulate the state of the network or table browser while the dialog is up. This method allows tha app writer to override the default modality.
        modality - the new modality for the dialog
      • update

        void update​(Object objectWithTunables)
        Update all of the tunable values. This results in all of the update methods of each of the Tunables being called. The Object provided is usually the Task itself.
        objectWithTunables - the object containing the tunables
      • refresh

        void refresh​(Object objectWithTunables)
        Recreate the Tunable UI. This might be used, for example, when a @ContainsTunable field is changed in response to a user input. As with update, the Object provided is usually the Task object itself.
        objectWithTunables - the object containing the tunables